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Thursday, December 04, 2003
Thursday......glad it's over.

                                                          So today was payday.....and guess what?  I didn't get my check.  The secretary forgot to send in my timesheet or she didn't feel like it, and I didn't get my check.  So that's always good..........NOT!! Like I don't need money...."Yeah take your time, it's not like I have Christmas presents to buy".  So I'll get it tomorrow hopefully.  And this morning I asked Caddy if he was going to go to the city with me and he said no.  He really hurt me because I haven't really seen him all week and this is his day off, and so I wanted to spend it with him.  I need to go to the city though.  I was hurt and thinking of all the things I want to say to him but wouldn't.  Then I got a call from him and he let me know that he decided he would come to the city with me because he found out that he had enough time to spend the night there.  He won't have to work until 6:00 Saturday night.  He thought he had to work in the morning so he didn't want to come.  I'm happy, I'll finally be able to spend real time with him.  We'll have to go see a movie and out to eat.  I miss him, even though I wake up beside  him everynight, I never get to visit him or have fun with him.  Well, hopefully we'll have fun tomorrow, I can't wait.  I will get to spend quality time with my baby!!

Posted at 4.12.03 by Weonia
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Tomorrow's Payday!!!

                             So today was one of those days where..........well........let's just say that if my job didn't end on the 12th, then I would've quit today.  I work with two of the most difficult students in the whole school.  They happen to be friends too.  Well, they can be enemies too.  Today they were friends.  Well, imagine two lil girls that can be sooo sweet, end up being the equivilent of 30 mad 5 year olds all rolled together.  That's what I deal with.  Anyway, they decided that they want to do whatever the hell they want, or don't want, and they tell me that they aren't going to work, and blah blah blah "you can't make us".  Shit like that.  So of course, me being under enough stress, I blow up on them and send them to thier desks.  So of course it's my fault and all that stuff.  I could've probably been heard down the hall, because they were trying to talk and laugh and I had to yell loud.  But after recess, I talked with one of the girls and told her that it wasn't just her having a bad day, I was too.  And that tomorrow we'll both try and have a better day.  She seemed to like me again, gave me a hug and said that she'll try.  She's a really good girl when she's not around the other one.  But enough about that, tomorrow's a brand new day.  Well, I should've thought of that last night.                                                                                                                                            Last night, Caddy came home and woke me up.  That was ok, I love it when he gets home.  But then I started thinking about my money situation and about Christmas.  He was talking about money too, and how this next check he's going to go out and buy a 400 dollar golf bag.  And he was saying how he has money coming outta his ass and shit like that.  Well I told him that I might need some help with money because I don't think I can afford the things I need to buy.  And what did he tell me?  He said he's not giving me any money because I have a job.  What kind of bullshit is that!  I mean, I work my ass of for a lousy check, half of which is taken out in taxes, and I need new things, like a winter jacket(which by the way he said he was going to get me for my birthday and came home instead with 500 dollars worth of hockey equipment he barely uses, and my birthday was over a month ago), new running shoes(mine and falling apart), and winter boots because I don't have any.  PLUS I have to buy about 15 people gifts for Christmas.  Well, I don't know about you, but I can't get all that shit with only 400 dollars.  So of course I asked for help from him, and what does he say, HE TELLS ME I GOT A JOB!  I mean, I don't even hesitate when it comes to him, he'll ask me for whatever, and I'll give it to him without a doubt.  I told my bro Jay all that this morning because I got frustrated last night and cried myself to sleep, and Jay told me to leave him if he's gonna treat me that way.  Jay out of everyone should know that I can't afford alot of things, he was more pissed off at my pay then I was.  But anyway, that's all I have to vent out.  I'm going to talk to my mother about it and see if she has any advice.  She told me today that it's ok if I don't get everything I want to for people and not to stress out about it.  So I'll try and relax.  I'm going to leave it all up to God, He'll think of something.  He always does.

Well that's it for tonight..........


Posted at 3.12.03 by Weonia
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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Tuesday's New

                                  Well, work was better today then it was yesterday.   I had to make one student write lines, but that's about it.  Also, I'm stressing out about Christmas, because I thought my work program was until the 19th and it's only until the 12th.  So that's a whole weeks pay I won't get.  So that's about 300 dollars.  That fucking sucks!!  And I have way too many people to buy for.  Oh well, God will make it work.  Anyway, speaking of money.....I went to Bingo.  I bingoed once and won 50 bucks, but I had to give it to Charlotte because I borrowed money from her and owned it back.  So that's ok, saves me more on payday.  I still owe her though, haha.  I hate owing money.  Next time I need money, I'll rob Caddy's account.  He just spends it on stupid shit anyway.  Speaking of which, he still owes me a birthday gift from over a month ago, he claims he's going to buy me a jacket, but everytime he goes out for it he comes home with hundreds of dollars worth of shit for him.  So I'm gonna drill him on that Friday. It's the only day this week that I'll see him.  He's gone by the time I get home from work and I'm sleeping when he gets home.  But he has Friday off, so I'll get to yell at him then! HAHA.  But back to bingo.  My friend Crystal came to sit with us there.  Anyway, she had this little tiny dabber, and it was empty.  So she took the lid off and the lid off of her big one, she was gonna fill the tiny one up.  Well, she wasn't paying attention and it overflowed and dabber ink went all over her hand and all over the bingo paper.  She looked at me and we both just started laughing really hard.  Then on her paper there was a huge dark blue spot and you could barelly see her numbers.  It was soooo funny.  I couldn't even look at her without laughing really hard.  Anyway, that's all the events for today.

So.......bub bye.....for now.......

Posted at 2.12.03 by Weonia
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Monday, December 01, 2003
Monday means Hell at work!!

                                      So should we talk about today?  Because today I should've just slept in and missed work.  The kids I work with must of all drank 5 litres of pop this weekend and only let it hit them today.  It wasn't so bad MOST of the time.  But the last class I could've killed myself and taken the school with me.  HAHAHA!! Well, it was really bad the moment the kids came in for recess.  Every kid was yelling at each other and calling each other names.  Finally I yelled super loud and they all were quiet.  Then it was just about 4 or 5 of them acting up.  I'm gonna go to sleep early tonight so I can sleep off the stress that I got today.  I guess I should just keep in mind that this week is payweek.  And I'm going to the city this weekend and shop my check away.  YAAY Christmas!! Anyway, when I got home, there was this strange man standing by my door, I was afraid to get outta the car.  But he said he was dropping off fresh meat.  So it was pretty cool.  Then I had to re-arrange the freezer so all this damn meat can fit.  There's enough meat in there to feed an army.  Anyway, that's all that happened today.......so far........

So until next time................

Posted at 1.12.03 by Weonia
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Sunday, November 30, 2003
The Beginning of Christmas

Today is  Nov. 30th, for some reason it won't post as the 30th so I had to resort to this.                               So today I got to sleep in.  It was so nice, got up and ate a nice big dinner.  After Caddy went to work I started decorating for Christmas. Our whole living room looks soo nice.  I'm excited for him to come home from work tonight and see it all.  Tomorrow at work, I'll have to decorate the classroom.  It's finally starting to feel like Christmas.  All I need is the Motown Christmas Carols.  This coming up weekend I'm going to go Christmas Shopping with my sister Amber.  Amber ran into a few friends of ours the other day.  Friends we haven't see in years.  Tara and Tyler.  I told Caddy I'm going to see them this weekend, he doesn' t want me to because of Tyler, talk about being jell-o.  I told him that Imma go anyway, and if I don't come home, then he knows what happened.  HAHA, he didn't like that comment very much.  Oh well, at least I didn't tell him the I was so in love with Tyler when we were friends way back when.  I think he'd be really mad I was going to see him, but he should trust me, I'd never mess around. 

Ok, about other things.  Caddy was looking for a place for us to move into, because we're sure as hell ain't gonna stay here.   He found a really nice cabin for sale and called the owners and they said that they have buyers for it but they'd prefer to sell it to us because they know us.  So we called my mom and she said that she'd co-sign.  So in about a month we're going to end up moving closer to Caddy's job.  I won't have a job in a month so I can stay at the cabin and make it homey.  I'm gonna find a job though so I can get the shit I need, or want for our house.  This is a big step, it's something major that'll be both of ours.  My next step is buying a car for myself.  And if I get a job in the casino, I'll be able to afford it.  Well, that's about all I have to say for now..........so until next time...........

Posted at 30.11.03 by Weonia
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Saturday, November 29, 2003
Jazzy, AKA Nancy

Hey Jazzy, I love you lots!! You my baby daddy......or mommy.......wait......I don't have a baby.  Nevermind.  So you are my lover!!!  Don't tell Caddy, well, I guess we can, Don't think he'll care much.  HAHAHAHAHA.  AND TONY, I got your rake, it's up for ransom, 3000 Hershey Bars for it.  Imma put it in the water too so it rusts!! Beat that SUCKA!!




Posted at 29.11.03 by Weonia
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THE WINTERHAWKS WIN!!! Tonight was Robins hockey game......He got on assist and one goal, I'm so proud of him.  He was the topic of the scouts meeting because they said that he has more to him the fighting.  Robin is Caddy's nefew and is known as the third toughest guy in WHL.  Now he's making goals.  I hope he gets drafted to the NHL.  I'M SO HAPPY FOR HIM..

Posted at 29.11.03 by Weonia
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The Game

Hello, first off I'll tell you abit about myself.  My name is........well just call me Weonia.....I'm 19 years old.  I live in Canada with my boyfriend, who'll we'll just refer to as Caddy.  That's about all right now.  I guess you'll get to know me as the entry's continue.  Well here goes entry #1.......

                                                                                Yesterday was The Thunder's second game.  If you're wondering, The Thunder is my hockey team.  And of course they won last night.  I must say, it was  a pathetic score.  12-2........wow, those other guys didn't even have a chance.  Too Lame.  ANYWAY, last night everyone went out to bar.  I seen soo many people there that I haven't seen in a long time.  I also seen Darwin.  Me and Darwin used to be really good friends, but feelings go in the way.  The only problem with that was that we never let the feeling be anything BUT feelings.  Then Darwin hooked up with some girl.  Didn't bother me, whatever made him happy.  The thing was, because of him not being single anymore, he stopped talking to me.  And I mean, the minute he was taken, he never said a word to me.  It was like I didn't exsist.  ANYWAY, I moved on and got with Caddy.  Everything was fine except for the weirdness and distance between me and Darwin.  Then Darwin became single again and I was going through shit with Caddy.  BAM! I was single too.  Suddenly it was like before, me and Darwin were friends again, we hung out, laughed, joked, it was like before.  The feelings were there too.  But he still wouldn't let us be anything, it was always "he wasn't good enough for me".  I got back with Caddy and now he won't talk to me.  It's not my fault though, I wasn't going to wait for him to come around so I went with what made me happy.  Yikes, enough about that though!! Back to last night.  The bar was packed with everyone you could ever care about.  My best friends were there, my family, and people that were on the team and I watch every game.  I had lots of fun.  More fun then I've had in a long time.  I missed being there with all those people.  Drinking and laughing and messing around (in the non-sexual way), it was awesome.  I needed to go out, I had a too stressful week.  It was a nice way to relax. 

Taday I didn't do anything, sat around and relaxing.  Caddy went to work and then I clean the house.  That's about it for today.  Going to listen to Robin's game.  Robin is Caddy's nefew, he plays hockey for the Portland Winterhawks.  His games are on the radio so I get to listen to him play since I never get to watch.  Well, that's enough for now.  Until next time...................


Posted at 29.11.03 by Weonia
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