Entry: A new life Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I moved out to whitebear with Caddy, and we started a life. I should've left when I was having problems before, but I was being stupid and blind. He started being controlling, or was trying to be. So we had it out and he told me to leave. So I moved to Regina to live with my sister and her room mates. I feel better about my life. I'm starting over and it's great. I even have a new (well not soooo new) love interest in my life. It's too soon, I know, but he's there for me and I appreciate it. I am getting things together, things I should've done years ago. I feel like I had a bad day, then got a good nights rest, and woke up feeling fresh and new. So anyway, My Christmas was ok. I wish I could've spent more time with my family, but I had to go back home because Caddy had to work. But New Year's was the best!!! I had so much fun! I could've believe the fun I had. I got to be with everyone I knew, most of who I loved dearly. My sister, one of my brothers, and friends that I'm close with. Then New Year's day I hung out with close friends too. And the 2nd I left Whitebear and came here to start my new life, and so far it's been hella good. That's all I can write about now. Until next time........see ya!


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