Entry: Craziness......who'da thunk? Thursday, March 04, 2004

So Tuesday was the Funeral.  Poor Jimmy! It was super hard.  I didn't go to the graveyard, bad enough I forced myself to look at Jimmy's lifeless body.  I cried so hard.  But I've accepted it........I think.......I hope.  "D" was one of the pallbarers.  I gave him a good hug because that was one of his best friends.  I felt sad for him because I watched him cry and try to hide it.  I didn't say anything to him, just a hug to say I'm sorry that Jimmy's gone.  After the funeral I found out  that he didn't even look at or acknowledge Caddy when he went to shake his hand, all he did was look away and wait for Caddy to pass.  That made me laugh but at the same time, this was a funeral, couldn't you put petty shit behind you for one fucking handshake??  Guess some people just need to come back down to reality.  Another thing that pissed me off was Dayna.  During the whole wake she giggle and joked with everyone, and at the hospital she didn't even seem like anything was wrong.  At the funeral I only seen her cry once.  And she didn't even sit with her family.  She was walking around and visiting and shit.  She's supposed to be Jimmy's sister, but it sure didn't show.  If my brother died I would've freaked out and cried the whole time.  But I guess that was her way of dealing with it.


But Enough about that. 

I got a call today.  I got an interview at the casino on the 11th.  YAAY! And it's for what I wanted too, instead of janitorial work.  I get to be a cage girl, WOOHOO FOR ME.  That's IF I do well at the interview.  But I dont' see why I wouldn't.  I'm good at interviews.  ANYWAY, that's all I should be writing about, I'll be back on laterz.




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