Entry: 10 pounds later....... Friday, March 12, 2004

So I started a diet on the 27th of Feb.  And so far I've lost a whole 10 POUNDS!!! Yaay me!!   I'm so excited.  Anyway, tonight is the final hockey game that determines who goes to the finals.  I hope we win tonight, I'm so excited!!  Nikki wants me to go out after the game, she said people will buy me drinks, but I don't wanna drink.  I just wanna come home and watch a movie or whatever.  I'm taking the truck to the game, I don't know if I am allowed but I guess I have no choice, I dont' have a ride if I don't, except with Nikki but she's going out tonight and I don't wanna.  Caddy left for work this afternoon, and he seemed upset.  I guess it doesn't matter but it's buggin me.  Amber wants to talk with me too, I think it's about today when Caddy blew a kiss to her, but he thought it was me because he thought Amber was in the city and he knew my mom was at work, so who else would be driving the truck?  He told me about it when I got home.  I think that she might be freaked out about it or something, they don't get along, that's why.  Pretty silly huh?  I ate an hour ago, but I"m still hungry.  I think I'll find something else to eat.  Well I'll let you know how the game goes.


SEE YA!!!!!


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