Entry: What the weekend brought....... Sunday, March 14, 2004

So this weekend was pretty cool.  It was Marilyn's birthday and all my family came, except Uncle Joey because....well we all know why.  "the misses".  So i was at my grandpa's house witing for all my aunts to get there and waiting for my mom to get there.   Well my mom came there first, but she was leaving for home right away to drop off the boxers and to get ready.  The roads were pretty icey so I went with her so she wouldn't have to drive back alone.  Well, we left at 6:22, and by the time we got back and got to the hall, it was sometime after 10:00.  So yeah, I missed a big part of the party.  But I still had fun.  They had a kareoke machine there, and everyone was singing.  All my aunts came up to me and congratulating me for being engaged.  AND, my uncle Donnie told me to tell Caddy that he has a driver for him.  Caddy wanted to go out and spend 600 dollars for a brand new driver, and Donnie has the one he wants and will give it to him for 200.  So I can't wait till Caddy gets home so I can tell him.  I haven't seen him since yesterday morning.........well ok yesterday afternoon.......at 3:00.  I miss him.  I'm gonna run outside when he gets here and kiss him up. YUM YUM YUM.  haha. 


Oh yeah, I'm off my diet.  I ran out of my shake stuff so I need to get more.  So now I'm on my own.  I'm not eating right, I'm scared to look at a scale, it might say I gained wieght now.  I hope not, Caddy should keep me in line instead of me going crazy and eating up everything. 


Anyway, I promised to remind you of what happened at the hockey game.  WE WON!! We're going to the playoffs, same as last year, same team and everything.  I can't wait, it'll be awesome.


Well I should go......ttyl........


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