Entry: The Weekend Tuesday, December 09, 2003

                                                            This weekend was pretty good.  I got all my Christmas Shopping done, well most of it.  I spent time with Caddy because he decided to come along.  And I spent time with my family.  I didn't get to see Tara or Tyler, too bad though.  Another time I guess.  ANYWAY, I guess I'm on for another week of work.  I was offered a job until March, but I'm not going to take it because we're moving closer to Caddy's job.  But I was promised a job where Caddy works, so I'm gonna take that one.  I'm happy about it.  Today at work I got really sick, and had to come home.  I slept til 1:30 till about half and hour ago, and it's 7:00.  Still feel queezy.  But I'll get over it.  I should take some meds.  ANYWAY, about Christmas, my Christmas schedule us sooo packed.  My sister is having a potluck, and then my mom's having Christmas dinner, then Caddy's family is having a big dinner, and then there's my mom's family having a big dinner.  I'm gonna be so fat after Christmas, I hope I get diet pills for a Christmas present.  HAHAHA Well anyway, I'm not feeling to good, so I'll go into detail tomorrow if I feel like it.                                                                                                     See ya laterz............


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